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About us
The Medical Statistics portal was created with the highest quality of analysis carried out on behalf of clients in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in mind.

Medical Statistics provides statistical services to commercial and academic medical programs. It enables complete support in terms of biostatistics, statistical studies, data mining and data management. We prepare the research process and run it in a way that allows it to provide the maximum amount of relevant data. After gathering the data, we analyze its structure, conduct statistical tests, track dependencies and find correlations between data, develop statistical models, and present the results using advanced statistical packages such as SPSS, R and the Python programming language. Thanks to our help, business decision making and writing scientific papers becomes much easier.

15 years
of experience

40 pharmaceutical

realized analyses

30 research centers

ISI Master Journal List standards

30 employees

500 publications


Data management
and gathering

Designing the research / experiment

Statistical Analysis



Statistics help

We suggest professional consultations and assistance in the field of medical statistics to customers wishing to expand their knowledge, as well as beginners in the industry, who want to learn the basics of conducting tests in accordance to the highest standards.
Our offer covers the following areas:
  • Descriptive analysis
  • Comparative analysis
  • Possible applications of significance tests
  • The issue of Gaussian (normal) distribution
  • Correlation and regression analysis
  • Determination of independent risk factors
  • Linear regression models
  • Analysis of dynamics of a phenomena
  • Survivability models

Data management and gathering

The entire process of data gathering and analysis is being monitored by eCRF.bizTM - our modern research system that is constantly being developed by our experts. It guarantees the highest possible quality of data gathered.
Our offer in the field of data collection includes:
  • The construction of an electronic database
  • eCRF application development
  • Data encoding
  • Formal and statistical verification
  • The identification of outliers
  • Live monitoring of data collection

Designing the research / experiment

Our experts prepare each aspect of the methodology of the planned research program. Every element of the research is designed to maximise the usefulness of the information collected.
As part of the design of the study, we propose to:
  • Determine the sample size,
  • Provide randomization,
  • Determine the hypotheses and objectives of the study,
  • Select the methods and statistical tests for the measurement scales
  • Determine the statistical error of the planned trials
  • Develop the SAP – Statistical Analysis Plan

Statistical Analysis

After collecting the data, we conduct introductory and advanced statistical tests, we build models and analyze all of the data so as to provide our customers with the greatest amount of relevant information.
We offer the following range of analytical services:
  • Verification of hypotheses, test selecion
  • Analyses / parametric and non-parametric tests
  • Correlation and regression analysis
  • Factor analysis,
  • Survival analysis (Kaplan-Meier estimator)
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Attractive visualization (graphs, infographics)
  • Preparation of the results in accordance to the ISI Master Journal List
  • Analysis for research papers
  • Statistical analysis
  • Statistical studies
  • Statistics help
  • Statistics for research papers
About us
The Medical Statistics panel is supported by experts in the field of biostatistics, bioinformatics, biotechnology, data management and applied mathematics. They bring together vast experience in working with both pharmaceutical comapnies and academic medical centers, confirmed by scientific publications. Through the use of a proprietary modern research system called eCRF.bizTM, as well as professional data analysis tools, they are equipped to handle even the most demanding research programs. By using open-source solutions developed by scientific communites from around the world that dynamically develop statistical libraries with new methods, our experts flexibly adapt to a wide range of analytical solutions to fully meet our customers requirements. We also provide statistical help of a wide range.
Our methods

Basic descriptive statistics

Verification of statistical hypotheses

Interdependence analysis (Regression models, survival analysis)

Multivariate analysis (Main component analysis, correspondence analysis, factor analysis)

Structural equation modeling

Evolutionary algorithms ™
Each project is implemented using a modern application for research projects’ data collection™.™ is a software dedicated to pharmacy, biomedicine and clinical medicine, complementing professional statistical analysis services.™ guarantees best possible quality and safety of collected data. By using this system, all of the data is stored within a single database, making it easier to control its quality and to monitor the progress of the entire project. By using a user-friendly analytical module, each researcher who has acess to the database (multiple access points) has the ability to generate statistics and visualize underlying dependencies.
Advantages of™ system:
  • Responsive web applicaiton
  • Query mechanism for entries (data query)
  • Entry value tracking (audit trail)
  • Multiple access points
  • Randomization
  • Easy to use forms
  • Safety (compliance with the FDA guidelines: Title 21 CFR Part 11)
  • Validation of accuracy and completeness of entries
  • Automatic data backup module
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